Better financial data at your fingertips when you need it, for less



Operating in low a low-interest environment means keeping a close eye on financial performance, liquidity and risk.

With increasing regulatory pressures the need for information has never been greater.

Now CFOs can reduce reliance on clunky spreadsheets and provide stakeholders with clear and timely information when it's needed.

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Understand performance at a glance - on the go, or sitting at your desk

Break down the product balances into branch and loan officer scorecards showing disbursements and balance sheet amounts










The Challenge for Banks

  • Need for better understanding of financial performance, liquidity and risk
  • Bringing together risk and financial processes to improve understanding
  • Improving the awareness of risks and its causes for better decision making.

The BankBI system provides CEOs with more timely and better quality financial and social performance data. With improved, presentation-ready reports that gives board members the ability to drill-down to a granular level, comes more effective decision making.








Delight the CFO 


A bank's CFO wants to spend less time creating data and more time analysing it.

With BankBI, the data you need is gathered in realtime, meaning you always have the latest information to hand. Producing required reports at short notice becomes effortless, freeing up a CFO's time for more satisfying and valuable work.

The benefits extend beyond mere reporting though:

  • Less dependency on key personnel - better for internal compliance
  • Reduced manual work and increased accuracy
  • Eradication of information latency inherent with manual month-end reporting
  • No more reliance on IT's time to build and implement systems
  • Access to performance metrics based upon industry standard models
  • Pre-configured reports helping the team meet best-practice










Bringing Risk and Finance Together

The financial crisis of 2008 has changed the banking landscape forever. Regulation now requires that risk management, once a basement activity, be a boardroom level concern.

In this series of articles, Al Forrester discusses the new roles of risk management and capital adequacy in banking strategy, and explores how they can be shifted from onerous burden to strategic advantage.

In four parts, this series looks at:

  • Introduction to risk and financial performance
  • Methodology for risk management
  • Relationships between risks and planning
  • Risk 'unpacking' and stress testing