Product data as you need it, without the headache

Information has grown to be a vital component of an institution's success or failure, and FICast Data has all of the necessary analytics, products and tools to help position your bank for success.  Whether it's determining what your portfolio composition actually looks like, generating information on new production attributes or discerning what assumptions should be used for modeling, Product Analytics can help.Instead of spending hours, days or weeks  determining a branch's portfolio composition, profitability or an officer's scorecard, Product Analytics allows you to have this information at your fingertips using an intuitive, graphical interface.




Critical loan and deposit analysis

Analytics that you need, when you need them

Product Analytics provides critical information regarding the current state of loan and deposit portfolios, as well as important trends in the balance sheet.

  • Continually updated non-maturity deposit and prepayment study
  • Portfolio composition
  • New Production analytics
  • Loan Prepayments and modifications
  • Early withdrawals of time deposits
  • Product and organizational profitability















New loan and deposit information at your fingertips

New Production analysis shows what is happening to the balance sheet, each month, on an on-going basis, allowing managers of financial institutions to determine whether loans and deposits are being added:

  • At profitable spreads
  • For desirable terms
  • With expected repricing characteristics











Non-Maturity Deposit Behavior

Assumptions about non-maturity deposit behavior have the greatest impact on a financial institution’s understanding of its interest rate risk and liquidity risk.

A non-maturity deposit analysis should include estimates of:

  • Betas or rate responsiveness
  • Decay terms or projected pay-downs
  • Surge balances