Automated financial analysis



  • Produce automated month-end management accounts
  • Includes production of a monthly management pack as a PDF
  • Automates actual versus budget variance reporting at a bank and branch level









Prebuilt dashboards analyze...

  • The financial position & earnings
  • Performance Ratios with the automated calculation of hundreds of performance ratios out of the box
  • Financial scorecard v budget
  • Calculate Return on Assets at a bank, branch and product level











Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Plan and manage bank growth with total visibility of:

  • Revenue growth
  • Expenses growth
  • Credit losses
  • Capital growth
  • Asset growth and performance










Close your financial month end quickly
Produce management packs automatically and maintain total control of the manual adjustments that need to be made before publishing final numbers.
Group Consolidation
Standardize your chart of accounts across the group to provide a recognizable view of the current position and earnings
Streamline Regulatory Reporting
Extend the use of BankBI by adopting a configurable tool to automate the production of data for regulatory reporting.











Automate financial control

Use a pre-built, financial workflow for banking to monitor daily movements, receive analysis of exceptions automatically and reconcile your core banking data to your general ledger.

Daily movements:

  • Automated daily balance sheet reporting
  • Shows daily movement in balance sheet lines
  • Daily trial balance reports
  • Daily calculation of up to a hundred key performance ratios out of the box